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The Arab world's second-ever public transit system

This is a photo of a Dubai Metro Red Line viad...

Temperatures in Dubai often exceed 110 degrees, making public transport an attractive option for those without private vehicles. (Image via Wikipedia)

The Associated Press has a nice report on the debut of Dubai’s elevated train system, the first in the region after Cairo’s metro. Eighty percent over budget and incomplete, the tiny city-state’s new cross-city train will nonetheless be especially nice for all the Bengalis, Pakistanis, and Filipinos who can’t afford BMW 700 series sedans with which to navigate Dubai’s grim gridlock:

For many of Dubai’s foreign guest workers, the rail project could mean far quicker commutes in a sprawling city-state where shared taxis, packed vans and creaky wooden boats are among the most visible forms of public transportation.

According to the article, a workmanlike piece of fact-studded AP stuff, VIPs are invited to spend nearly 10 times more than the 50 cent base fare to ride “gold class,” where they will be treated to leather seats.

via The Associated Press: New Dubai driverless metro makes room for VIPs.


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