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Are Arab dudes here really getting calf implants?

35/365: My new tat

Is there silicone in them there calves? (Image by Mr.Thomas via Flickr)

Gross. A  friend here in Riyadh told us last night about his gym, where buff Arab dudes from Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan get even more ripped. How do they get so monstrous? Partly, it’s steroids, partly it’s hard work. But our friend told us something else that blew my mind: Some men here get implants inserted into their calves.

And here is a U.S. clinic — with offices in L.A. and Miami — that can do it for you, too! So it’s not just swarthy meatheads in the Middle East. (In the clinic’s defense, the website says such implants can be valuable for victims of polio and other wasting diseases.)

Still, regardless of such legitimate applications, calf implants are giving me nightmares. I wish for it not to be true. But here I am — in Saudi Arabia of all places — learning for the first time about another sick thing people do to themselves to look “good.” Signs of the apocalypse abound, even so close to Mecca.

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