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Yemen blew my mind

The old city of Sanaa

Some of the old quarter's so-called mud skyscrapers date back 2,000 years. (Image via Wikipedia)

Sorry for my absence around here. I just got back from a week in the heartbreaking city of Sanaa, the current capital of the fragile Republic of Yemen.

During my short visit, I feel like I saw as many hawks as pigeons, and as many fighter jets as hawks. And there were guns and daggers everywhere.

I’ll be back in full effect in the coming days. Thanks for your patience.


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2 Responses

  1. craig says:

    How is Yemen? Is the proxy war still waging? Why do you describe Sanaa as heartbreaking? Did you fear for your safety? As I understand it, you are relatively free within the compounds in Saudi Arabia. Is there a marked difference in Yemen?

    • Nathan Deuel says:

      Dear Craig,

      Yemen is amazing. The proxy war is no longer raging, it’s now allegedly a more targeted effort to rout AQAP up north, and a trembling peace with the south, which yearns for independence. Sanaa is heartbreaking because it is so poor and so beautiful. I did not fear for my safety, but I am stupid. As for compounds on Yemen, I was more aware of foreigners who stay in fancy hotels or in refurbished parts of the old city. I’m not sure, actually, if there are Saudi-style compounds in Yemen. If there are, there are few — no money to justify rich foreigners living in Yemen, except as diplomats, journalists or aid workers, few of which command the kind of packages oil, finance and construction executives get in Riyadh.

      Thanks for your excellent questions!

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