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Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

ObamaMy mind is blown. This feels like a very big deal. When I saw the breaking news banner on the Times site, I actually felt like someone had kicked me. Up almost instantly, the accompanying story says the possibility Obama would win the prize was a surprise until minutes before the announcement. This is history, ladies and gentlemen.

So why give it to a sitting U.S. president? Again, according to the Times, the committee said it “wanted to enhance Mr. Obama’s diplomatic efforts.” Chief among them, the committee cited the president’s efforts to curtail the spread of nuclear weapons.

Well consider my attention enhanced!

Time will tell, though, if Oslo’s stunning decision to give the award — and the $1.4 million it comes with — will in any meaningful way aid in Obama’s efforts to reach out to other countries, such as our temperamentally unimpressable friends in Iran, Afghanistan, and North Korea.

(And what’s he gonna do with all that cash?)

via Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize – NYTimes.com.


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